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Paper Yarns

date: 18/04/2023

Paper yarns made from wood pulp are an eco-friendly and innovative alternative to traditional yarns. At, we offer a range of high-quality paper yarns, including Stenli Papir and Stenli Raffia, that are perfect for adding a unique touch to your next crafting or textile project.

Хартиена Прежда Стенли Папир

Stenli Papir is a paper yarn made from 100% cellulose and viscose, which creates a harder and more structured yarn that is perfect for creating structured accessories and home decor items. Stenli Papir comes in a range of weights from 150g to 350g, making it suitable for a variety of projects. Each hank of Stenli Papir contains 150m of yarn, which is enough to create small to medium-sized projects like bags and baskets. This yarn is best used with a crochet hook between 3-4mm or needles between 4-4.5mm.


One of the advantages of Stenli Papir is that it is a sustainable and eco-friendly yarn. Wood pulp is a renewable resource that can be sustainably harvested, making it an environmentally responsible choice for crafting and textile projects. Additionally, Stenli Papir has a unique texture that adds visual interest to any project. Whether you're using Stenli Papir to crochet a market bag or to knit a wall hanging, the texture of the yarn will create a beautiful and distinctive finished product.

Stenliyarn Raffia

Stenli Raffia is another paper yarn option at, a 100% paper raffia yarn that is lightweight and perfect for creating summer accessories like hats, bags, and sandals. Stenli Raffia comes in a 150g weight and is 220m long, making it ideal for larger projects. Stenli Raffia is best used with a crochet hook between 5-7mm.

One of the unique qualities of Stenli Papir is its ability to hold its shape. Unlike traditional yarns that can be soft and pliable, Stenli Papir has a stiffer texture that allows it to hold its form. This makes it an ideal yarn for creating structured projects like bags, baskets, and even plant hangers. Additionally, Stenli Papir comes in a range of colors, from neutrals to brights, so you can choose the perfect color for your next project.

When working with Stenli Papir, it's important to note that it may require a bit of extra effort to get used to its texture. However, once you've adjusted your technique, this unique paper yarn will create beautiful and durable projects that will last for years to come.

In addition to its unique texture and sustainability benefits, Stenli Papir is also easy to care for. Simply hand wash your finished project in cool water and lay it flat to dry.

Stenli yarn Raffia MultiPictured: Stenli Raffia Multi

In conclusion, paper yarns made from wood pulp are an exciting and innovative material that is perfect for crafting and textile projects. Whether you choose Stenli Papir or Stenli Raffia, you'll be creating a unique and sustainable product that will stand out from the crowd. Shop for these products and more at, your source for high-quality and eco-friendly yarns.


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