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Katia yarns - relevant every season

The Spanish company Katia has been producing yarns since the 1980s. Over time, Katya yarns gained popularity not only in their country, but also far beyond its borders.
From its inception until today, the company has followed the credo "Handmade" (Handmade) and that knitting and crocheting will continue to intrigue each succeeding generation. Over the years, with a lot of ambition, inspiration and determination, they devote all their time to creating fresh innovative designs to continue the interest in knitting for many years to come! Katya yarns are distinguished by impeccable thread quality and durability. The company is constantly developing and trying to improve its products. Yarn lovers can choose different types of fibers suitable for different seasons. Katya yarns stand out with attractive modern colors as well as clean tones. They have rich textures that give subtle expressiveness, elegance and a modern touch to the yarns.
Katya yarns can be found online at And for inspiration and new projects, you can also buy Katya magazines. Feel the pleasure of knitting with high quality fibers thanks to the premium range of Concept by Katia yarns containing - cashmere, silk, merino, alpaca, organic cotton. Stand out by knitting luxurious yarns with lots of personality.