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Instructions for washing and drying


Hand wash for knitting is recommended. Wash with plenty of cold (25 - 30 ° C) water.
Use a diluted detergent that does not contain even a trace of whitening ingredients.
Rinse thoroughly.
Do not squeeze and twist your wet clothes.
Dry as quickly as possible in a well-ventilated room or outside.
Avoid direct sunlight and high temperature.
If circumstances are not appropriate, we recommend the use of dry cleaning. Do not forget to inform the dry cleaning staff that the knitted piece is made with colored yarn.

It is definitely not advisable to wash knittings in washing machines!

If you still use a washing machine, then:
Set programs that have functions near hand washing. Use only for short spin - in a washing machine for 30-40 seconds.
Do not dry automatically in dryers (the cycle of a dryer is a minimum of 1 hour rotation in a drum, which damages and permanently deforms the knitting).

Woolen yarns
Hand wash at 30 ° C with neutral detergent.
Do not twist or squeeze wet knitting.
Wool products should be dried horizontally and shaped to the original size.
Wool should not be washed frequently. It is not necessary to wash, just because a garment is worn several times. It's usually just enough to ventilate the garment.

General rules for drying:
Before putting your clothes in bright colors on the drying rack or clothes line, always turn them upside down so they do not fade.
Stretch the capricious colors on a shade, if you keep them outdoors, until the afternoon so they do not fade. In white laundry, the opposite rule applies - if possible, stretch it directly under the morning rays.
You will be surprised at what whitening effect the sun can have nowadays. Careful stretching is the key to easy ironing, so it's worth spending a little longer. First, carefully stretch out each garment to release the creases, then pull it and smooth it as it is on the rack. To avoid clipping on some clothes, you can hang them on hangers / only when it is not explicitly forbidden/. Do not put clips on the corners of the knittings, because they are soaked in water, and will become too heavy and will stretch. It is best dried in a horizontal position on a towel. If you have the opportunity, give your clothes space to breathe on the clothes line. One, two foot spacing between them will shorten their drying time. Outside, the clothes dry out best if there is a slight wind. In the presence of one, you can let them hang a few extra hours. The wind prevents them from "stiffening" and makes them noticeably softer. Once a month, clean the clothes line. It would be unfortunate if the clothes that were just washed are dirty! From time to time, also wash the clips. The easiest way to do so is to put them in a mesh bag, immerse them in soapy water, and then rinse gently. Hang up the entire bag of space to dry the clips in it.
The instructions for cleaning the knitwear that are indicated on the label must be strictly applied. Knitted pieces made with mixed yarns are cleaned according to the requirements for the most delicate type of fiber in the yarn composition.