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Alize yarns



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Frequently Asked Questions

Alize Yarns are produced in Turkey by Yünteks

Why are Alize yarns a preferred choice?

Yarn is magic, and knitting is the art of turning colored fiber with your own hands into a garment, a fashion accessory or an attractive home decoration. This impactful sense of color and soft touch is brought to us by the world-renowned yarn brand, Alize. Created at the end of the last century, until today it is synonymous with impeccable quality and standard of manufactured products. Alize yarns are distinguished by a variety of colors and a rich composition. The brand is a leader in the use of innovative technologies in the creation of its collections that meet the OEKO TEX standard.

Alize yarns have long won the hearts of Bulgarian knitters as the first choice and preferred brand. Users can choose from an incredible palette of colors, as well as different fibers - cotton, wool, microfiber, acrylic or bamboo. Alize's selection of classic and modern yarns come in vibrant colors made from high-quality materials suitable for both beginners and professional knitters.

In the following lines, we will consider the types of yarns, their composition and application.
Knitters, it's Alizee Puffy time!

Definitely a bestseller for several seasons are the Alize selection of finger knitting yarns. The assortment includes: Puffy Mor, Puffy, Puffy color, Puffy fine, Puffy fine color, Puffy fine ombre batik. They are incredibly soft and easy to knit with your fingers.
Alizee Puffy yarn is made up of pre-formed velvety "eyes" or loops. You don't need to use a hook or hoop, knitting is faster and easier than traditional knitting. Extremely soft and gentle, made of micro polyester it is ideal for hats, scarves, blankets, pillows and more. The maintenance is very easy, the color stays long, it doesn't crease or shrink in the wash, the yarn is a dream. With Alizee Puffy yarns, you get the instant gratification of quality handmade projects without even knowing how to knit.
Special attention will also be paid to Alize Poufy Mor - a double strand yarn with "eyes", which allows you to create double-sided designs with a very clean and finished look. The yarn is perfect for two-tone graphic projects /something that cannot be achieved with regular yarn/. It is a suitable choice for knitting rugs, blankets, pillows and anything else that is the fruit of your imagination and creativity. Want to design your own patterns with Alizee Puffy More? Use the idea generator that you can find at the link with it you will easily determine the amount of yarn needed for the project you want to create.

The next line is the delicate Alize yarns - Angora Gold, Angora Gold Batik and Angora Gold Ombre Batik.

The yarns from this line are very pleasant to the touch with their softness, finesse and refinement. They are used for knitting light autumn and winter clothes. Alizee Angora Gold threads are beautiful and light, composed of mohair, wool and acrylic. The manufacturer provides a wide selection of colors from light shades to intense and bright tones, which contributes to the huge range of needlework that you can make.

For those who like to experiment, the yarns Angora Gold Batik and Angora Gold Ombre Batik are the perfect solution. They are made of several colors. The ombre effect makes the transitions between different shades smooth and beautiful. The finished creations look very interesting, luxurious and perfect. Batik series threads are very soft and do not tangle during work. The material is ideal for knitting sweaters, scarves, vests, ponchos, capes, etc.

From the soft and fine threads of mohair, we take you to the tenderness, warmth and delicate touch of yarns for knitting baby clothes and accessories.

The color variety of Alize yarns here is amazing. The entire palette of shades is present, from the lightest tones to the more saturated and spectacular color combinations. The thread is twisted smoothly and tightly, without lint. The composition contains bamboo, wool, acrylic, while synthetic fibers are practically not felt, the thread does not creak or fluff.
You can create beautiful baby clothes, blankets and accessories from Alize Baby Best, Baby Best Batik, Baby Shekerim, Baby Shekerim Batik, Baby Wool and Baby Wool Batik yarns. With each of them, masterpieces are guaranteed. Designed for softness, easy care and color retention, with proper maintenance instructions, it practically ensures you long-lasting use of the created needlework.

We will definitely not miss Alize cotton yarns like Alize Cotton Gold, Cotton Gold Batik, Bella, Bella Batik, Bahar and Bahar Batik.

The knitwear made by them brings a delicate touch, airiness and coolness on warm days. The colors are bright and pastel suitable for the summer season. From the yarns you can knit vests, tunics, blouses, dresses, tank tops, scarves, blankets, children's clothes and accessories. Solid tones from Alize's cotton series are also preferred for creating the hit and irresistible amigurumi.

In addition to these popular varieties of Turkish yarn, there are others that are no less interesting.
These are the yarns with a higher mohair content such as Alizee Mohair Classic and Alizee Kid Mohair Royale 50. Yarn of this type is intended for hand knitting, the threads have a long pile, with a pleasant silky sheen. Knitwear made from these yarns is light, soft and perfectly warms the body on cold winter days.

Yarns for everyday or special projects

They are distinguished by a rich color spectrum with a thread of wool and acrylic or only acrylic. These threads provide softness, comfort, strength, retain heat well and do not shrink. Main yarns here are: Alize Lanagold, Superlana Midi, Superlana Classic, Burchum Classic and Burchum Batik. They guarantee the production of warm and beautiful winter knitwear such as scarves, hats, dresses, sweaters, socks, etc.
The selection of Alize yarns ranges from the softest and most luxurious to the most affordable. It is important to understand your end goal in order to choose the ideal yarn. This will determine your final score. We offer yarns to suit every budget, every requirement and every taste, whether you are looking for acrylic, wool, cotton or micro polyester yarn.

Alize yarns are distinguished by several advantages:
  - Versatility;
  - Large assortment;
  - Profitability;
  - High quality.

You can find the largest variety of Alize yarns at affordable prices in the online store. The consultants will meet your every need with timely consultation, quality and fast service. Keep track of promotional discounts and discount codes. We want every shopping session to be a wonderful experience through which you can enjoy as many benefits as possible, so we reward your loyalty and passion for beautiful things. Every regular enthusiast receives a loyalty card, this is our way of thanking you for being part of the family. offers you every day the inspiration you need to create your masterpiece to your taste. Over time, we have built an online universe dedicated to knitting yarns and accessories for you to share our love of quality and good taste. Alize yarns are modern, high-quality, impressive and thought-provoking, with them you can pamper yourself or delight the people around you!