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Yarn Art



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Yarn Art - the skillful combination of traditional taste with

innovative fashion

Immerse yourself in the colorful kaleidoscope of Yarn Art Yarn

Yarn Art is one of the leading Turkish brands firmly in the forefront
positions over the years in the world market for the production of
hand knitting yarns. The company's mission is to develop and
improves the offered assortment of yarns by betting on
continuous innovations in the sector. Yarn Yarn Art se
produce only from high-quality raw materials, such as many of
the collections are entirely made of natural materials
materials. The main focus of the collections is also on
small users, children. The quality of children's threads
yarn fully meets the requirements for max
comfort and health protection. Yarn Art yarns are available in
more than 110 varieties in over 3000 different colors,
the wide variety of colors and fibers aims to satisfy
both the classic and the discerning buyer. Yarns Yarn
yart are characterized by a creative approach to design, using
modern technologies and high quality products of
affordable price.

The most popular types of Yarn Art yarn
 Yarn Art Merino Bulky yarn is a dense yarn, easy to
knitting, with which you can quickly complete the dream
needlework. Thanks to the wool content,
the yarn is perfect for making warm winter clothes

creations such as sweaters, cardigans, hats, scarves
snood. Despite its thickness, Merino Bulky is a soft yarn,
which is available in natural and pastel colors.
 Yarn Yarn Art Merino de Luxe is a woolen yarn,
suitable for working with both hook and needle.
The acrylic content in the threads gives the yarn
lightness and durability. With Yarn Art Merino de Luxe yarn
you will easily make different types of soft winter wear.
The manufacturer offers a wide range of colors, including
both pastel and bright tones.
 Yarn Yarn Art Jeans is one of the most preferred
yarns from all master knitters with their broad
a range of colors available from the lightest to the darkest
bright and saturated shades. Thanks to its texture
and cotton content, it is suitable for all types
baby clothes and accessories, as well as for loved ones
amigurumi. Yarn Denim has a smooth thread, which makes it
preferred choice when creating summer products.
The brilliant combination of cotton and acrylic ensures -
softness, color retention, hypoallergenic and needlework,
built for years of use.
 Yarn Art Dolce gives a velvety feel due to
the fact that it contains micro polyester. It usually is
preferred yarn for making soft clothes, ribbons for
head, slippers, bags, pillows and blankets. With Yarn Art yarn
Dolce creates the fluffiest, softest and most beautiful toys,
therefore it is highly valued by amigurumi knitters.

 Yarn Art Baby is specially designed for
sensitive baby and children's skin. From
the high quality acrylic threads, you can knit
soft and durable products. Any skilled hook craftsman
will easily choose from an abundance of colors regardless of
the choice of knitting. Made clothes or accessories are
durable, with a gentle touch and softness, longevity of
color and easy maintenance.
 Yarn Art Mink yarn is incredibly soft, light and beautiful
style yarn, leather. Its fibers are fluffy and
extremely soft with a beautiful natural shine. The structure
and helps amigurumi knitters create projects with
original designs. Mink yarn is also suitable for
the production of pillowcases, carpets, poufs and
blankets. Another use of the yarn is as a decorative
item to add a modern touch to yours
sweaters, blouses, cardigans.
 Yarn Art Melody has a silky texture
thanks to its soft wool blend. Her light,
fluffy structure and metallic bright tones allow you to
make stylish and sophisticated needlework. From her you can
knit sweaters, cardigans, blouses and accessories like
scarves, snoods, gloves and hair bands. The elegant and
smooth transition of colors contributes to the modern and
individual radiation of each needlework. With yarn Yarn
Art Melody unleash your imagination and create
a creation worthy of a Vogue cover.

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