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Noro - The World of Nature
In recent years, the yarn industry has actively promoted awareness of environmental sustainability, but this concept has been part of Noro's philosophy from the beginning. Japanese yarn manufacturer Eisaku Noro Ltd. is named after founder and yarn designer Eisaku Noro. Conservation is such an important concept to his business that Mr. Noro leaves nothing to chance, personally overseeing every aspect of production. The company is known for its exclusive and extravagant yarns and color combinations.
Noro yarn collections are unmatched to this day! Self covering colors and quality fibers make for a yarn not to be overlooked. Hand spinning and eco-friendly dyes are hallmarks of this Japanese company that has been stunning the fiber industry for over 40 years.
They use natural raw materials to produce unique and colorful yarns to create beautiful handmade works of art!

Noro yarns follow the Japanese philosophy of accepting and enjoying the unevenness, unevenness and natural beauty of nature. All animal fibers spun into Noro yarns come from certified organic farms around the world. The yarns are as environmentally friendly as possible, with many processes still being done by hand or on traditional machines. The gorgeous range of colors is inspired by the natural world that surrounds us.
The remarkable production process that results in extraordinary colors and textures has always been a closely guarded secret in Japan.

"Statex" OOD is the exclusive representative for Bulgaria of Noro yarns, and is the only online platform that gives you the opportunity to buy the world-famous and unique Japanese Noro yarns. In our online store you can find Noro yarns from the Bachi, Silk Garden, Silk Garden Light and Kagayaki series. Create your creation from Noro yarns, carry and feel nature with your skin!