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Stenli yarns Papir

100% Cellulose, viscose / wood pulp/
300m /200g

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5.0 (6)

100% Cellulose, viscose / wood pulp/
300m /200g

Yarn weight chart


* Due to different display settings, actual colors may vary slightly from what appears online.


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Papir yarn is natural viscose fiber /pulp/ in form of paper strip, which is tightly twisted for strength and moderate hardness. Papir has super thermo-insulating properties and natural origin and it is very suitable for crocheting and knitting. Due to an optimal thickness, hardness and strength, there is no necessity of additional collapsing of the manufactured products, because they retain their shape and have a certain plasticity. Papir is extreamly suitable for summer bags, sun protection accessories, hats, home decor panners, baskets, floor mats, lampshades, lamps and creative decorations for flowers, party decorations, balloons, holiday gift wrapping, and so on. It combines perfectly with wooden bases and leather accessories. Because of its biodegradability it is environmentally friendly. Ancient but also modern product.  A material for creative people with respect to the future of the planet. 200g - 300m
Warning! The stated weight is basic. The single hank is with unmanaged weight of 150-250 grams. The exact weight is specified when the order is confirmed.


Approximate consumption:
Ladies' hat with a wide visor 150-200 grams
Small bag / clutch -150-200g - 1 hank
Big bag 200-350 g - 2 hanks
Medium storage panner  - 1 hank


Please be careful with the products manufatured from PAPIR yarn, so you can enjoy them for a long time.
PAPIR yarn is not suitable for babies and toddlers due to insufficient softness for direct contact with their delicate skin.




Hanks are from 200 to 350 g and you will receive an email to specify the hank weight.
Content 100% Cellulose, viscose / wood pulp /
Weight 150g-350g;
Length hank, 150m
Recommended Crochet Hook crochet hook 3-4 mm
Recommended Needles hoop 4 - 4.5 mm
Washing Clean only with a damp cloth or sponge, do not wash with plenty of water and detergent. Let it drain naturally if it gets wet with sea water or rain.
Brand Made for Statex Ltd.
Pack Pack 1 kg
How much yarn I need for: women's hat with a wide brim 150-200 g -1 branch small bag / clutch -150-200 g - 1 branch large bag 200-350 g - 2 branches storage medium medium - 1 branch

Валентина Владимирова

5 / 5
02 June 2022
Благодаря за перфектното отношение и бързина на доставките ❤️❤️


5 / 5
21 August 2020
Много съм доволна,страхотни сте!


5 / 5
09 July 2020


5 / 5
28 June 2020
Perfect price and thank you for the quick delivery to France. Will buy again !


5 / 5
28 June 2020
Супер е за чанти

Стефка Чакърова

5 / 5
28 April 2020
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