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FREE DHL EXPRESS shipping in the EU* for orders over 155 euro

Terms of Use

By using, you agree to these conditions. Please read them carefully.

The following Terms of Use are meant to regulate the relationship between „Statex“ Ltd, VAT 115313190, head office in Plovdiv, 92 Gladston str., also called Provider, and the customers of the platform for e-commerce 

Information about the Supplier
1. Name of Provider: "Statex" LTD
2. Head office: Bulgaria, Plovdiv, 92 Gladston str.
3. Address for complaints and Main warehouse: Bulgaria, Plovdiv, 10 Akademik Petar Dinekov blvd.
4. Correspondence address: Bulgaria, Plovdiv, 10 Akademik Petar Dinekov blvd., phone 032 6430 00
5. VAT 115313190 
6. Supervisors:

(1) Commission for personal data protection
Address: 2 Prof. Tsvetan Lazarov Blvd., Sofia 1592
phone.: (02) 940 20 46
fax: (02) 940 36 40
Еmаіl: kzld@gоvеrnmе, kzld@срdр.bg
website: www.срdр.bg

(2) Commission for Consumer Protection, Bulgaria
Address: 4A Slaveikov sq. fl.3, 4 and 6, Sofia 1000
phone: 02 / 980 25 24
fax: 02 / 988 42 18
hot line: 0700 111 22
website: www.kzр.bg



The sales contract concluded through the Internet is a distance sale contract. The distance sale contract is concluded on the basis of a proposal made by (the Provider) to each consumer (Customer) of the e-shop as part of the system for selling goods. The distance contract between and the consumer is deemed to have been concluded from the moment of confirmation of the specific order by

In order to buy anything on our Website, you will need to add the product to the basket and let us guide you through the checkout process. We will ask you to provide the details required to fulfil your order. Soon after that we will dispatch your items and send you an email, confirming that your order has been shipped. Remember that all products displayed on our Website are subject to availability and subject to our acceptance of your order.

Whatever you put in the cart will stay there unless the product goes out of stock. We will remind you about the products you've added.
The minimum order quantity is a unit product - skein / 25g, 50g, 100g, 200g, 350g, piece, box or package.
The ordered goods are delivered to the address indicated by the customer with the help of a courier service.

Deliveries in Bulgaria and abroad

Enter an address and the site will calculate the delivery value to any point in the world. 
Paid delivery methods in Bulgaria: 
Econt to an office
Econt to address
Speedy to address
Delivery cost is automatically calculated during the ordering process! You can make a request without confirming it and the system will calculate the cost.

from 0kg

to 1,7kg

price: 4,5 BGN

Speedy to address

from 1,7kg

to 4,5kg

price: 5,5 BGN

Speedy to address

The price of Econt is fixed - BGN 6.50 to address and BGN 4,5 to an office.

If the value of the order is 99 BGN or more, we will pay for transportation
Free deliveries are only made with Econt Express and Speedy to couriers office and are valid only for Bulgaria, excluding wholesale and merchandise.
In case of a problem with the Econt Express panel or you can not find an office that suits you, choose an address and email or in the field "Order notes" write the address where you want to receive the order.

The conditions apply to all retail orders in Bulgaria from the online store

Free delivery method
Take your order in our company store STENLI in Plovdiv, 11 Vasil Aprilov Blvd., or in our Kapana store, 1 Hristo Dyukmedjiev str.

The processing time * of the orders is 1 to 3 business days after the order is confirmed. Orders received on Friday, Saturday and Sunday are processed on Monday.
*Order processing time might be increased in times of in-season load, sales or promotion

On the day we dispatch your order to a courier, we also send an email notification. If within two days of this email you do not receive a message from the shipping company, please contact us for assistance!

For settlements that are not visited daily by a courier of Econt Express and this is done on a weekly schedule, the delivery time may be longer than 5 business days.
* Delivery may be delayed for objective and subjective reasons will promptly notify its customers.
* For products that require technical manufacturing time, the delivery time depends on the complexity of the product.
You receive email for confirmation. You can monitor the movement of your order through your Profile.

The final cost of the order is calculated as a sum of the prices of the ordered products. All prices are VAT included and are not subject to change from the time of order until the time of payment. A delivery price is added to the purchase price.

The execution of your order can be prevented, for any of the following reasons:
1. One or all of the goods ordered are not available; in this case, we will contact you as soon as possible.
2. The customer has indicated a wrong or incomplete delivery address.
3. Lack of a phone for contact the customer. If any shipping problems arise due to our fault, any additional costs are at our expense. In all other cases, subsequent shipment will be at your expense.

New order - the order is waiting to be processed.
Comment - Your order has a comment, please look at the email and reply in time!
Shipped to a courier - up to two days from this status if you do not receive an e-mail or call from a courier, please contact us!

1. Cash on delivery / payable to the courier /.
2. Advance payment by bank transfer.
3. PayPal / no fee for the client/.
4. Debit / Credit Card (via BORICA)
5. Cash on delivery at our company store STENLI in Plovdiv, 11 Vasil Aprilov Blvd., or in our CAPANA store in Plovdiv, 1 Hristo Dyukmedjiev str.

Orders are also accepted via:
1. telephone 032 397 736 every working day from 9.00 to 17.00 hrs / executed in order of acceptance with the orders received through the site /.
2. e-mail:

Yarn colors may vary depending on the individual monitor settings.
When ordering yarn for completing a knitted piece, the batch number must be written in addition to the color number, it is necessary to note that it is about finishing the knitting / you can write an e-mail in free text or in the order itself to explain / .
Otherwise, the company is not responsible for any inconsistency.

Right of refusal to receive ordered and delivered goods
Return of goods and money
A customer is entitled, within fourteen /14/ days of delivery, without due compensation or penalty and without giving any reason to renounce the contract, returning the ordered goods under the following conditions:
1. The customer must inform in advance at the following e-mail address: that he/she shall refuse the contract, obligingly indicating:
- a specific office of the Econt transport company to return the goods.
- a bank account to be reimbursed for the price of the returned merchandise.
2. The goods are returned personally by the consumer.
3. The product is not used and it is in the form in which it was received, as well as the integrity of the labels / stickers placed by
4. All transport and other costs of returning the goods are entirely at the expense of the consumer. Upon the customer's return of the goods to, the risk of accidental loss and destruction is borne entirely by the customer.
5. In the event that a customer makes use of his / her right to return the goods, given that he /she has fulfilled the above conditions, shall be obliged to refund the price paid by bank transfer within five working days of the return of the goods.

Upon receipt of the goods, the customer is also obliged to review it immediately if he / she finds obvious defects, damage during delivery, discrepancy between ordered and delivered goods, lack of accompanying accessories and / or any of the documents required by the Bulgarian legislation, to immediately inform the person delivering the goods. If he fails to do so, the goods are considered to be approved, as the consumer loses the right later to claim that the item has been delivered with obvious defects, the lack of any of its accompanying accessories and / or any of the requirements of Bulgarian law documents. Returns of goods purchased through online shops are made in accordance with the CPA rules and according to the terms and conditions of their commercial warranty.
Conditions where a claim can be rejected:
Violation of the manufacturer's entirety, deletion or lack of label, use of the product, improper storage, liquid splashing, attempts to repair.

In the event of unsettled issues, the client has the right to address the controversial questions to our associate at the address given for correspondence.

Site users are not permitted to act in violation of generally established rules of communication, to commit malicious acts, to distribute viruses or the like, infringing or damaging the rights or interests of third parties.

Personal identification information, e-mail, queries and messages sent to this site are considered confidential.

Standard form for exercising the right of withdrawal
Please note that you can not use the goods you received before you decide to cancel the purchase. The right of withdrawal exists to allow you to view the product in the same way as in a shop and not to use it for free for 14 days.

Information Bulletin - means of informing periodically about the goods, discounts and promotions offered by Statex Ltd., sent electronically via e-mail, without engaging with purchase or any other action of the Client. At any time, the client has the opportunity to join the list of people who want to receive a newsletter. The option regarding the consent to receive a Bulletin may always be changed. If you refuse to receive a Bulletin, the customer may express the e-mail marked in any Bulletin.
Links to third-party Web sites on this Site are provided solely for your convenience.