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New Stenli Yarns spring/summer 2020

date: 17/02/2020

1. Perla

Yarn Stenli Perla is the perfect allseason elegant natural material for women knits - soft natural slightly twisted cotton wrapped in viscose silk. All knitted and crocheted projects are smooth and soft to the touch. Perla yarn has rich colors with half-matte shine which gives great comfort during all seasons. The beauty of the natural material is revealing perfectly even on the simplest knits, as well as on lacy and machine knits. This is the best choice for spring/summer blouses, dresses, tops, children knits, which are further enriched by body's warmth and by ironing. It is perfect for more ellegant clothes which can be worn with style and confidence in the office, on cocktails and celebrations. 

Blend: 80% Soft cotton, 20% Viscose silk /wood pulp/ 
Package: ball, 50g / 145m; Pack 10 pcs х 0,050 kg (0.500kg)
Recommended:  needles 3,5 -5mm; crochet hook 2-3,5mm; 10 х 10сm - 15 stitches, 20 rows 
Cares: Hand wash; Dry flat; Ironing is allowed
Origin: Bulgaria Statex LTD  


Stenli LOTOS is a high quality, biodegradable yarn with silk and soft cotton fibers. It is made of a quarter silk fiber from the silk butterfly Bombyx mori. The extraction and processing of silk fiber is associated with a lot of manual labor, which determines its high value, but it has exceptional qualities - great durability, thermal insulation properties and lasting beauty. The delicate slightly twisted fiber that resembles the delicate radiance of lotus flowers is the perfect choice for classic and modern high-end knits that aim for comfort, thermal insulation, hypoallergenicity, beautiful surface and durability. Suitable for baby and children clothes. The pastel color scheme is the basis for the gentle milky white micro fluffs, which characterize natural silk and blend perfectly with natural cotton. Lotos yarn can be knitted for children, ladies and men, summer and elegant clothes for any season. Yarn for connoisseurs of the natural unobtrusive beauty of high quality fabrics.

Blend: 25% Mulberry silk, 75% Soft cotton  
Packaging: ball, 50g /135m; Pack 10 x 0.05kg (0.500kg) 
Recommended: needles 3,5 -5mm; crochet hooks 2,5-3,5mm; 10 х 10cm - 14 stitches, 19 rows 
Cares: Hand wash; Ironing is allowed
Origin: Bulgaria Statex LTD 

3.Cotton Cake

Cotton cake is a yarn for the pleasure of the senses. A 250g cake made from classic soft cotton contains 1000m smoothly flowing beautiful colors with perfect density and flexibility of the thread. Ideal yarn for crochet women's and children's clothes, knitting for pleasure, relaxation, color psychotherapy. The color combinations are inspired by the fashion trends for 2020-2021 and are designed in two groups - smoothly flowing into one range / ombre / and landscape / multicolor /. From one cake you can knit a large triangular scarf (virus scarf), mini dress, lace blouse, tunic, table cloth or bed. Subject to the recommendations of knitting and maintenance, the products become light, soft and permanently retain the structure of the knitting. The beauty of matter stands out especially after ironing, which locks the stitches and emphasizes the cut.

Blend:: 100% natural soft cotton
Package: 250 gr. 1000m
Recommended: hook 2-2,5 mm, needles № 3 - 4mm
CaresHand wash, dry flat
Origin: Bulgaria Statex LTD 


Stenli OPAL yarn is a soft bundle of fine cotton, discreetly wrapped with an opalescent lurex. It is lightly and comfortably knitted and crocheted, also suitable for machine knitting. It is ideal for fashionable women's and children's spring-summer models - blouses, dresses, fine waistcoats, scarves, jewelry, home décor. The beauty of the yarn with the gentle overflow of opalescent glare is accentuated by lacy knits and larger loops. The models acquire an up-to-date holographic finish and are extremely attractive in the evening lights when they shine with all colors of the rainbow. The discrete shine of lurex does not impair the ideal comfort for the body, which is provided by the quality cotton.

  • Blend: 85% Soft cotton, 15% Lurex
  • Package: ball, 50g / 150m; Pack 10 x 0.05kg (0.500kg)
  • Recommended: needles 3,5 - 4,5 mm; crochet hook 2 - 2,5mm; 10 х 10см - 16 stitches, 24 rows
  • Cares: Hand and machine wash; Dry flat
  • Origin: Bulgaria Statex LTD 


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