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Macrame wall pocket tutorial

date: 12/09/2022

This macrame tutorial is fairly simple to follow as it consists of a repetition of three essential knots. You can customize it as much as you want, making the whole design of different shape and size to suit your liking and needs.

For this particular design I used Stenli’s Eco-Home 4mm 100% recycled cotton cord. Although it’s single ply, the cord itself is extremely soft, bendy and doesn’t unravel as you make the knots. For this macrame wall pocket, I used about 120 meters of the cord, or about a little under one and a half skein of cotton cord (each skein comes in a length of 75 meters).

To add a dab of color, I used two tints, stone color (number 702) and walnut brown (number 306).

  1. You begin by cutting 22 pieces of cotton cord of the same length. If you don’t know how much cord you’ll need for your project, it’s always best to cut more than end up with less. As a rule of thumb, the cords need to be at least 4 times the length of the finished design.
You then tie them to your wooden stick by making a lark’s head knot. If you don’t know how to do it, here’s a tutorial on the basic knots, some of which will be used in this wall pocket tutorial.
  1. You continue onto making a spiral knot. Instead of working the right side to create a square knot, you continue to work from the left side in order to create the spiral. You place the right working cord over the first left working cord and into the loop and repeat this process until you get 13 half square knots.
You repeat these spiral knots until you reach the end of the macrame, or in my case, another 10 spiral knots.
  1. Upon completing the previous step, you will want to tie a cord all the way across your macrame project. I always tend to attach mine to the framework of my macrame holder. Before continuing onwards, make sure your cord is attached fairly tightly.


You will thereafter make a double half hitch knot and continue this process until you reach the end of your design.
  1. Now you will do 3 square knots all across the design, skipping the first two and last two cords.


  2. You will repeat step 3, by making a row of double half hitch knots all across, until you reach the right side of the macrame.

  3. You then repeat step 2, by making a spiral knot by 13 half square knots all across.

  4. You once again repeat step ,3 by making a row of double half hitch knots.

  5. Upon completing the previous step, you will continue onto making a total of 11 square knots, as shown on the photo.

  6. This will be the back side of the macrame wall pocket. As I intend to use mine to store books and newspapers, I made the gaps in between the square knots bigger however, if you plan to store smaller items, you might want to make them smaller to prevent anything from falling out.

At about 6-7 cm from the first square knot, you continue by making another square knot all across. You will skip the first two and last two cords and work with the cords in between.
  1. You repeat the previous step another two times, until you get a total of 4 square knots.

  2. You then take the first left and last right cotton cord, cross them over as can be seen in the photo, and attach a lark’s head knot where both of the cords meet (or where my fingers are holding the two cords).


  3. You then continue to attach lark’s head knots until you fill up all the empty spaces. If one side is longer than the other, you can always fix this by pulling onto the first left, or last right cord. Make sure that the pocket you created is loose enough to be able to place objects in it.


  4. You will start to combine the front and the back of the project in this step. Take the two last right cords from the front of the design with the two last cords from the back of the design and create a square knot with these four cords. Do the same for the left side of the project.

  5. Now continue to make a row of square knots at the front of the pocket, 8-10 cm below the row of the lark’s head knots. Repeat this once again.

  6. Once again create a square knot from the two front right (or left) cotton cords with the two back left (or right) cotton cords to combine the two sides of the pocket.

  7. After this is done, you will then join the bottom part of the pocket. You will take the cords from the first square knot (back and front) and the two cords from the next square knot and combine them together using another color cotton cord (or the same one). You then combine the two cotton cords left from the second square knot with the two left cotton cords of the third square knot and repeat this process until you reach the end of the pocket.

  8. You cut any remainder of the cords to a length that suits you, cut the cords of the 3 double half hitch knots you previously created (or you can leave them longer too). And your done J


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