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Knitting a hat

date: 12/01/2021


1 is followed by 2 or at least most times. In ours it is so - we told you how to knit a hat on a hook and continue with the story of 2 hooks / needles. What would a hat tailored to the human mind look like? We leave this for another time. Now we will try knitting a seamless hat on two hooks - enough fun.

Eraser. Knit in a circle alternately: 2 front and 2 back stitches. You need hoop number 4 needles. We assume that the circumference of the head is 64 cm. When knitting a hat with a circumference smaller than that of the strip, the magic circle technique is applied. Knit an elastic band about 3-4 cm high.
Basic knitting. If you haven't knitted a hat and you can't knit in a circle, you can only knit facial stitches. If you master the technique, you will be able to knit any other hat. The height to the contraction should be 18 cm, and you have another 3-4 cm to the top, depending on the density of knitting. The entire length should be 25-26 cm, and the circumference should be equal to that of the head. Measure how many stitches to start with according to the number of stitches in 1 cm. Multiply by the circumference of the head and these are the stitches for the beginning. The circumference of the hat is also determined by the yarn - if it is more stretchy, you gain fewer stitches. Our hat is for a circumference of 64 cm - the stitches should be 128 or less. A good choice for yarn is merino - it is both wool and soft, does not sting and there is no danger of allergies. The needles for the main knitting should be 4.5-5. 100 g of yarn, 2 skeins.

Dial 126 stitches plus one to close the circle, which is done by pulling the needle from the side of the working thread so that the stitches with the back go on the sharp part of the needle. Thus, in the front part of the needle comes the back part of the stitches, and in the back part - the front part. Turn the needle and connect the two parts of the hoop. If the strip is very long, reduce it by pulling in the middle. The two parts of the knitting can be joined. You do not have a working thread on the left needle, as it usually does, it hangs on the right. Knit one facial stitch in the additional for the connection. Insert the right needle into the back of the loop, thread the working thread and knit. Tighten the thread and the circle is connected. Return the stitch on the right needle to the left so that the working thread is there. Knit 2 purl and then start alternating 2 purl with 2 purl until you reach the hanging thread at the beginning. When knitting in a circle there is no reverse side, always knit from the front. The next row starts with a loop after the hanging thread. Continue alternating 2 front and 2 back and knit all rows of elastic, each new one starting from the hanging thread. Remember that when knitting in a circle, the facial stitches are intertwined with the needle being pierced at the front, then at the back, and the thread is threaded. The rubber band is ready after 10 rows.
In the main knitting you alternate 2 back and 6 front. From the last row of elastic you have 2 packs, so you start with 2 packs. The next are 6 faces in the familiar way, no matter what they were in the rubber band. Knit the back stitches from the last row of the elastic as front in the first row, piercing the needle from the back, pulling the thread and taking it out. When the elastic loops are front - the front loops of the main knit are knitted as the needle is pierced in front, in the standard way. When the stitches are opaque - at the front the needle is pierced from behind. So until the end of the first row.
In the next one, where there are opaque - knit opaque, and where there are facial - facial: Knit 2 opaque, then 6 facial. To the end of the hat, knit all the front ones by piercing the right needle in front, take out the back of the stitch and pull the thread. And so to the contraction (18 cm.)
To shrink, start with the two reverse stitches, knit them together as one. For a rounder hat, not a sharp one, shrink faster. You also shrink part of the front ones - from six you shrink the two middle front ones, plus the two back ones. You start with the hanging thread. Knit the two stitches face, the next two - together face. The next - facial. Then shrink again by knitting the next two packs together. Thus, 2 faces, 1 obtained from the contraction, 2 faces and 1 packed, obtained from the contraction are obtained. So to the end. On the next, for facial - knit facial, and for opaque - opaque to the end. Knit the third row by folding the first two, knit the third front, fourth and the fifth again fold and knit the back. Knit the fourth row as the second - the front, the back - back. On the fifth row, knit the three front ones as one front, then the wrap to the end. There is an alternation of one packing and one front. In the sixth row, these stitches are knitted again as they are. In the seventh, last row, sew two more stitches - one front and one back to the end.
Pull out the left needle, transfer each stitch to a hook and remove the hoop. The hook is always held with the tooth down, there is also the working thread. You put the thread on your finger, pierce the hook, take it out and get a stitch. You pierce it through all the stitches. You pull the thread and distribute. Put the thread on the finger again, make a loop with the hook and pull. And once again, tighten and tie a knot as the third. Then pierce the thread on the back of the hat and you're done.


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