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Плетени аксесоари за Св. Валентин

Knitted accessories for St. Valentine

date: 11/02/2021

Heart-shaped cup holder

To make a heart-shaped cup pad, we will use Macrame Cotton 3 mm yarn, but we can also use another type of yarn.

We start with 12 chain stitches.

1st row: 11 columns of low filling (without cloak). In the same way we knit 11 more rows. We get a square of 12 rows.

We are ready with the basics.
Now we will knit one side by making three cloaks and slip the hook in the middle of the side. So we make a total of 10 triple high fillings with one chain between them. In the corner we make a low filling.
We knit the other side in the same way. We close in the corner with low filling.
Now we have to trim the whole heart as follows: on both sides we knit a column without a cloak in each stitch. The other two sides knit in each chain a column without a cloak, 3 air chains, a column without a cloak. And so to the end of both sides of the heart.


Crocheted heart

This heart pattern is very easy and pleasant to knit and is a great home decoration for the holiday of love.
Used yarn: Eco love
Hook number 3
We start with a basic chain of 4 chain stitches and close them with a glued stitch, inserting the hook into the first chain stitch, which we made, forming a ring.
1 round: 3 air chain stitches and two more high fillings (with cape). Then we knit two chain stitches, again 3 high fillings, 2 chain stitches, 3 high fillings, 2 chain stitches, 3 high fillings, 2 chain stitches and close circle with glued stitch, inserting the hook into the third chain stitch. We are ready with the first round.
2nd round: Through 3 glued stitches we move to the two chains from the bottom row and knit 3 chain stitches and 2 more high fillings, 2 chain stitches and 3 high fillings. We are ready with the first corner.
Knit the other 3 in the same way. Close the circle with a glued stitch.
We will now shape the heart.
Through 3 glued stitches we move in the corner. We make two cloaks and poke the hook in the middle and knit a total of 10 stitches double high filling (with two cloaks), between them 1 chain stitch.
Then close with a low filling.
We knit the other side in the same way. We close with low filling.
It remains to finish the heart at the end, knitting a low filling on each side in each loop. The other two sides, in each chain knit low filling, 3 chain stitches, low filling. If you want to hang, knit 20 or more air chains in the middle and close.
You can decorate with ribbon and beads.

Heart-shaped braided keychain

To knit a heart-shaped keychain, you have to work a little harder, because you need to make not one, but two hearts, with the same size.

We will use cotton yarn
Hook number 2.5 mm.

We start with 3 chain stitches.

Row 1: 2 stitches low filling.
Now we start bidding in each first and last stitch of each row.
This is done as follows:
Row 2: 1 air chain stitch (corresponds to 1 low stitch) and another 1 stitch low stitch in the same stitch, in the next stitch knit 1 low stitch and in the last stitch knit 2 stitches low stuffing. In this order we made a total of 5 low filling stitches.
Row 3: you need to make 7 stitches
low filling.
Row 4: 9 stitches low filling
Row 5: 11 stitches low filling
Row 6: 13 stitches low filling
Row 7: 15 stitches low filling
Row 8: 17 stitches low filling
So far with the bidding. This is the width of the heart.

Now we will make 3 more rows with 17 stitches of low filling.

It is time to shape the heart.
Row 12: knit in the second stitch low filling and in each subsequent stitch, a total of 7 stitches low filling.
Row 13: again in the second stitch, a total of 6 stitches low filling.
Row 14: 4 stitches low filling
Row 15: 2 low filling stitches and finish.

We knit the other half in the same way.

Knit another heart, place them on top of each other and hook them together by knitting a low filling in each stitch. Shortly before closing the heart, fill it with silicone fluff or granules and distribute evenly according to the shape. Continue closing, and when you reach the middle, knit a few air chains to attach the keychain, finish.
You can decorate with a ribbon, beads, button or small flower.



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