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Merino wool blanket tutorial

Merino wool blanket tutorial

date: 20/08/2022

Alongside cotton, merino wool is one of the most popular materials of choice when it comes to blankets, throws and all in between. They’re made from merino wool sheep which are known for their high-quality durable yet soft wool. What’s even more specific about this type of fiber is that they have a natural fire resistance. This means that should you light a candle next to merino, the flame will simply extinguish itself instead of catching on fire. This is why it’s the perfect addition to any bedroom or living room.

In this tutorial, we will make a mini merino blanket used mainly for decoration purposes as well as a small bed spread. As this merino wool is extremely thick, we will be using our hands instead of crochets hooks!

This project is quite easy in difficulty as the same technique is repeated multiple times until the blanket is finished. It is advised that you have some basic knowledge with crocheting, but even if you’re an absolute beginner, there is no reason not to try this easy pattern.

For this mini blanket you would need:
  1. Before starting this project, it is extremely important to unravel the Merino balls one by one and lay them flat on the floor. This is why you would need quite a big surface – be it a bed or even the carpet. By doing this, you minimize the chance of the yarn getting tangled up as it is a nightmare to fix if this happens – trust me on this!

  1. After unravelling all the yarn and connecting them with the help of small knots, we begin by making a slip knot. To do this, you take the yarn in one hand, and lay it over itself, as you can see in the picture.

  2. You then put your hand in the opening you just created and pull the other part of the yarn with your hand through the hoop. You then tighten slightly the knot you just made, making sure to leave some length at the end, to be able to hide it later on.

  3. You want your stitch to be the width of your four fingers, so before creating a chain be sure to always measure your palm as this will enable you to create a more even and balanced formation.

  4. After measuring, as your hand is in the loop you previously created, you take your fingers and grab the additional loose yarn and pull in through the hoop. This is your first chain.

  5. You do the same repetition until you reach the desired length of your blanket. On your last chain on the first row, you turn the whole braided yarn and add one additional chain at the end.

  6. You will notice that the chain has two different patterns on both sides. One is a pattern of three different parts and the other one is a normal braid, shaped like a V. For the second row and all the other rows, will be working the V shaped pattern that’s in between both as you can see in the photo.

  7. You place two of your fingers in between that V shape and take the yarn by putting it through the one loop first, followed by the second loop.

  8. You repeat this method until your reach the desired height of the blanket.

  9. Upon reaching the desired length, you thread the yarn through the last loop and pull it entirely through. You then tighten the loops and tie off any additional yarn within the other loops in a way that it’s hidden.
  10. You hide the additional yarn at the end of the first loop and intertwine it within the other loops to hide that part as well.

  11. If the loops aren’t that symmetrical, you can always pull them gently and shape them slightly in a way to reach the desired look of the final product.


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