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Pudding - magenta,turquoise,very dark greenPudding - light and dark blue,turquoisePudding - light cream and pink,pale purplePudding - pale purple,light grey and bluePudding - light ecru, cream, light bluePudding - light grey and pink, rose dustPudding - orange, brown, beigePudding - autumnPudding - light and dark grey, redPudding - charcoal, dusty purple, light greyPudding - burnt orange, charcoal, light greyPudding - dark dusty green, dark purple, petrolPudding - black, light grey, light ecruPudding - ecru, cream, light resedaPudding - olive, purple, petrol
Pudding Pudding


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Product Description

Puding is a three-layer voluminous yarn made of a mohair and wool mixture with long sections of smooth color blend.

Warm, soft, light and easy to knit with large knitting needles, it is bound to have an inspirational result - also suitable for beginner knitters. 

One Pudding contains plenty of yarn enough for a winter sweater or vest, cloak, a set of rich scarf and hat, blanket or duvet. 

For best results, follow the label guidelines. 

We recommend knitting in a circle, using untraditional patterns and freedom of imagination!


For best results follow the recommendations knitting, ironing, drying and storage of knitting 



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