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Macrame Yarns

Yarns Suitable for Macrame Projects - Bags, Backpacks, Decorative Panels, Jewelry, Housewares, Packaging, Toys



Yarn by fiber

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Yarn Type

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Yarn weight:

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MACRAME is an ancient craft skill or technique for connecting threads by tying knots. MACRAME is a popular name for the materials used because they must meet specific requirements - strength, hardness, flexibility, abrasion resistance, decorative effect.

They can be different types according to the method of production - knitted, twisted into a bundle, intricately twisted.
And according to the materials - natural / cotton, hemp, jute / and artificial / polyester, polypropylene, nylon /. The most used are macrame with a thickness of 1 mm to 5 mm. They are great for making bags, rugs, decorative panels and home panels, dream traps and traditional martenitsas.

At you can find very wide selection of different macrame ropes and yarns