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Mulberry silk, made from silkworms raised in captivity under stringent conditions, is the most expensive high quality silk.

Why is mulberry silk so expensive? We should know how mulberry silk is made at first.


How Mulberry Silk is Made?

  1. Silkworm moth lays eggs, and it dies after lays 500 eggs. Place these eggs in a 65 ° F environment, and then slowly raise the temperature to 75 degrees Fahrenheit to hatch the eggs.
  2. Use mulberry leaves to feed the tiny silkworms. About a month later, the weight of the silkworm has increased about 10,000 times. Silkworms’ life is very short, their life is beautiful. People continue to supply mulberry leaves to them, and strictly control their environment to prevent them from being subjected to huge noises and strong scents. They will accumulate enough energy to start rotating cocoon. Silkworm needs three to as long as eight days to weave the cocoon.
  3. Keep the cocoon in a warm place for a few days. Be very careful to ensure that the silkworm will not hatch the moth. Place them in water to soften the filaments to harvest the silk from the cocoons. After that, the softened filaments are unwound from the cocoon. A filament can be up to 1,600 yards. To create one mulberry silk thread, you need collect 4-8 of the silk filaments.

Features of Mulberry Silk

  • Silk is the world’s strongest natural fiber. Silk fibers with the same diameter as steel fibers are stronger than steel.
  • Compared with wild silk, the mulberry silk thread is more rounded, finer, smoother, and more evenly colored.
  • Although some people called mulberry silk as cultivated silk, mulberry silk is the most commonly used term.

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