Кайро 100% памук

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Cairo 100% cotton

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Кайро 100% памук

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100% Cotton
100g / 380m


Purses and bags




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Cairo yarn is designed for crochet and knitting. It is suitable for blouses, ladies tops, dresses, skirts, handbags, children's dolls, phone pouches, tablecloths and more. Cotton is one of the most pleasant fibres there is for hot summer days, that will give you comfort. Combed cotton is an extremely soft and robust cotton version, which is achieved by special treatment of cotton fibers. The process itself represents "combing" of raw cotton fibers, where impurities and short fibers are removed, while the other long fibers are positioned in one direction. Thus, cotton becomes significantly more durable and soft. Furthermore, after processing, the remaining fibers stay closer to each other, resulting in a reduction in the appearance of peeling. This cotton treatment guarantees the long life of your knitted items! The rich variety of colors allows you to unleash your imagination when designing your projects.   
Blend: 100% Egyptian combed cotton
Packing: ball, 380m / 0,100kg, Pack 0.600kg (6 x 0.10 kg)
Recommended: Circular knitting 2.5 - 3.5 mm; hook 1.3-1.6 mm
Care: Hand wash; Dry flat
Origin: Bulgaria Statex LTD    


Bulgaria-K - Kazanlak


Statex LTD - Plovdiv


284m / 100g - Bobbin 350 tex 

330m / 100g - Crochet hank 20/6

340m / 100g - Bobbin 300 tex 

425m / 100g - Yana 

230m / 50g - Vega

400m / 100g - Bobbin 250 tex 

530m / 100g - Harmony

560m / 100g - Crochet hank  34/6 

500m / 100g - Bobbin 200 tex 

660m / 100g - Rose
700m / 100g - Rhetor Briyante and Cotton Perle

830m / 100g - Crochet hank 50/6

670m / 100g - Bobbin 150 tex 

1000m / 100g - Zora

1120m / 100g - Cotton Crochet 40

1120m / 100g - Bobbin 100 tex 

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