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Embroidery Frame beechwood

Embroidery Frame beechwood

€ 3.71
Embroidery Frame beechwood
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Product Description

Embroidery Frame beechwood

This accessory are quite useful for the making of tapestries, embroidery and various handmade items that require very taut cloth so that your work is also steady. This is especially useful for cases when it is difficult to see where and how the threads go. It is safe to assume that when you embroider or make satin, long or other stitches it is almost mandatory to work with embroidery frame because this will ensure the thread goes evenly and tautly as much as it is needed on the cloth, in other words - optimal - neither too tight, nor loose. And this is very important, because if you let the threads of any embroidery too loose or tight then its entire design will be ruined. All you need to do after you finish working is to release the item from the embroidery frame so that the cloth can 'rest' from the pressure applied by the frame. This will help you preserve the beautiful look of the embroidery while you make it. Embroidery frames are used for the making of various stitches. They can be very useful for tapestry or criss-cross stitches provided you are comfortable working with tight cloth and a frame. They can also be convenient for a number of different stitches such as quarter, lazy, satin, long, ribbon stitch and many others since they give you much better control over the cloth and you see clearly where exactly the needle goes.


Size - 125 мм

Размер - 155 мм

Размер - 185 мм

Размер - 215 мм

Размер - 250 мм

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