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натуралночернопролетно езероразцъфнали прасковибукет фрезиятропически водифиордпролетна дъгасветещ планктонбукет ориенталски билкисеверно сияниемедна купа с черешиморска флораокеанирисикремонаавгустовска дъгаДИВАЛИ


Sold: 46
€ 15.35
100% Pure Silk Single
100g / 225m

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Product Description

Yarn DIVALI is a celebration of natural silk in the purest form and beauty of the silk butterfly fiber. Extremely soft, fine, with noble glamor and luxurious radiance. It is manufactured from directly extracted fibers from the Bombyx mori silk butterfly. The extraction and processing of the silk fiber is associated with many manual labor, which determines its high value, but it has exceptional qualities - strength, durability, heat-insulating properties. That is why we are delighted with its tranquil beauty centuries after the creation of silk fabrics and decorations. Yarn DIVALI is a slightly twisted single-sided natural silk, which can be used for braiding soft and comfortable luxury scarves, hats, cloaks, vests, children's outerwear, jewelery, decorations. Extremely suited for embroidery, weaving of fabrics and art projects, felting in combination with wool and fabrics. Suitable for knitting and crocheting. Yarn DIVALI invites you to a delicate attitude during work and use to feel the pleasure and comfort of an article bearing the spirit of the great Hindu festival "Festival of the Light" born with our Christmas. We recommend hand washing with gel for fine fiber, drying horizontally in the desired shape of the garment. Yarn DIVALY is for connoisseurs of the quality of the noble natural fabrics that, with skill and imagination, would create real hand made treasures.


  • Blend: 100% Pure Silk Single Ply Worsted Weight Spun Directly from the Sliver Silk Tops Combed Silk 2.5’s NM Count
  • Packing: hank, 100g / 225m; Pack 500g (5 x 100g)
  • Recommended: Circular knitting 5 - 7 mm; crochet hook 4.5 mm 
  • Care: Hand wash; Dry flat
  • Origin: India for Statex LTD


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