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Quilts and Rhodopean blankets - better for sleep than lightweight duvets

date: 07/11/2018

Do you remember the first lightweight duvets that appeared on our market? It was there in the 1990s, and it was like hugging a cloud.

We appreciated how light they are, barely noticeable, and how warm at the same time. We wondered about this "magic", because before that we turned into heavy Rhodopean blankets, quilts or both when it was super cold.

20 years later it turns out that heavy blankets are better for sleep than lightweight duvets.

They help a person relax and fall asleep faster, have a better sleep and not suffer from insomnia.
Initially, "heavy" blankets are only used to treat children with behavioral problems.

Therapists found that when they wrap the children with blankets with weights at the end (special, do not try to make them at home to avoid accidents), the babies have a more restful sleep and more confident behavior during the day.

Over the years, however, it has been established that all people, not just children with a lively character, feel better when they sleep in a tight embrace of a heavier blanket.
This type of bedding provides a cocoon feeling, reduces physical excitement, and thus facilitates falling asleep.  

So try this magic recipe for sleep - a cold room and a warm Rhodopean blanket. Maybe this is your magic for a good sleep.
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