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date: 05/04/2021

Gradually the transition between winter and spring begins and it's time to mess up a bit. Let's not hurry, however, because the month of constant change or the month of Baba Marta is beginning. Sleeveless sweaters come to the rescue here (there are also sleeveless ones), but not vests, but poncho-type ones. Easy to wear, non-binding, they are the preferred outerwear for women and children for all seasons and especially for the transitional ones


This model is extremely unpretentious and easy to make. The use of bulky thick yarn is mandatory. The description of the knitting technique is for size S with a chest circumference of 81.5–86.5 cm, width 101.5 cm and length 51 cm. You need 15 mm needles, preferably a long hoop; the density of knitting should be 7 stitches in 11 rows = 10 by 10 cm; thick yarn 8 twigs. The main knit is a broken elastic 1: 1, knit back and forth, in one row there are only facial stitches, and in the second alternate one front and one back. Knit two identical parts, which are sewn together. On both sides of the knitting make a narrow border on five stitches.

Start by stringing 35 stitches. On the first row (the reverse side) knit only facial stitches. This is followed by knitting a broken elastic band and borders on the left and right. Knitting 1 row (front side): 2 front, cloak, 2 front together - contraction, front to the last 4 stitches, 2 front together - contraction, cloak, 2 front. Knitting in 2 rows (back side): 2 front, 2 back, 1 front and 1 back repeat until the last 5 stitches, 1 front, 2 back, 2 front. Rows 1 and 2 are repeated until the length of the knitting becomes 100.5 cm. Then finish the front side with the broken elastic. On the last row (the reverse side) finish all the stitches face and break the thread. The first piece of the poncho is ready. Knit the second one identically.

To finish, put the two parts facing out with the packaging side together and sew the shoulder seams along the long edge. For each shoulder seam, start from the outer corner and sew 38 cm inwards, leaving 25.5 cm unstitched in the center of the neck opening. Sew the bottom corners together on both sides of the poncho. It's ready to dress!


The children are still warm, they still do not want to get dressed. Therefore, the poncho is a suitable outerwear that is easy to put on and take off and at the same time warm. I offer you a model with a high polo collar and side fastening, which is rather decorative, and you can come up with beautiful children's buttons that will make your child want to wear a poncho. Depending on the size of the child and, accordingly, the poncho, you can use two to four buttons. In addition, the model is such that it fixes the poncho on the body, but also gives freedom of movement and comfort because of the volume. For best comfort, use wool or blended yarn and knit on two needles. The pattern is knitted with a smooth front knit and elastic 1 x 1 or garter knit. Knit as a common knit. All this makes this model suitable for beginners in this art. However, if you feel more advanced, you can apply another, more complex and interesting figural knitting. Depending on the size, the length of the poncho can be between 46 and 66 cm, and the chest circumference - respectively: for 2 years - 63 cm. + 13 cm .; 3-4 years - 66 cm + 14 cm; 5-7 years 70 cm + 15 cm; 8-10 years - 74 cm + 16 cm; 11-13 years - 77 cm. + 17 cm. You need yarn 2 to 4 twigs of 100 g, needles or knitting hoop 5 mm thick.

Invented years ago as an easy, warm garment, today the poncho has become a fashion accessory and is a beautiful addition to any outfit.

Have fun and don't forget to create - you can come up with a new model!


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