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Macramé Plant Hanger Tutorial

Macramé Plant Hanger Tutorial

date: 12/08/2022

Everyone loves plant hangers. They bring lots of character and uniqueness to the space they’re in and their abundance of color, variations and techniques makes them the perfect fit to practically any room.

This tutorial is beginner friendly as it mainly consists of repetitions of the square knot. If you do not know how to do a lark’s knot to start the macrame, or a square knot, you can check the blog post about Basic Macrame Knots.


What you need:


  1. We start off by making a lark’s knot to start the macramé plant hanger with. For this project I chose to work with 6mm 100% recycled cotton cable yarn as I wanted a sturdy yet still hand-made looking plant hanger. I used 201 and 702 colors as it’s summer and desired this hand-made piece to have a marine feel to it.

  1. You then add the remaining three cords and create a lark’s knot with them as well leaving you with two blue and two off-white cords to work with.


  1. You tie a square knot in each of the colored cords, after which you continue to do square knots until both cords have a total of 5 square knots

  1. You gather the last two of the four blue cords, and first two of the four off-white cords and make a square with them.


  1. If you wish, you can add a wooden bead, a charm or anything you want at this point of the pattern to create different texture.

  1. After securely placing the bead and tying it off with a square knot, you once again take the four blue cords and create five square knots.


  1. You do the same using the four off-white knots.

  1. After this, you gather them once more by creating a square knot and putting a bead in the middle of the two blue cords and two off-white cords before closing it off with a square knot formed by the two last blue cords and the two first off-white cords.



  1. You can repeat this process until you get the desired length. I wanted to create a slightly longer plant hanger so opted for four repetitions of the square knots, using a total of four beads.


  1. After you’ve reached the length, you want your design to be, you create three basic knots as shown in the picture.


  1. You then make an additional two knots using the third and fourth cord, as well as the fifth and sixth one.

  1. You take your desired plant pot and wrap it around the first and eighth cord, making sure the top of it fits perfectly in the created gap, without being too big or two small. You then tie a knot with the first and eighth cord as indicated in the picture.


  1. You take the first front cord and tie it with one of the back cords and do the same for the eighth front cord that you just created a knot with in the previous step.

  1. You then collect all the eight cords in your hand and make a big simple knot. If you want the plant hanger to look a little more put together or your pot is a bit heavy, you can opt to do a few square knots to add reinforcement to the below portion of the hanger.


  1. You then cut the remaining cords to the desired length and your macrame plant hanger is ready to be used as you please .




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