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Muffin Crazy cardigan pattern

date: 12/11/2020

Muffin Crazy Seamless Cardigan with Raglan Sleeve

The long cardigan with a hood and belt is crocheted with a raglan sleeve.
Only one Crazy Muffin and the simplest crochet stitches are used, making it suitable for beginners.
The cut allows you to knit the whole garment at the same time and finish it without annoying and rough seams.

We take a Muffin Crazy № 1281 and start from the center.
We start with a hook № 4 / if you knit tightly, use № 5 or 5.5 /.

row 1 -62 pcs chain + 2 for the next row

row 2 - the same number of stitches high filling with one cloak

row 3 - initial extension for raglan sleeve: high filling 10 pcs., 2 stitches removed from one, 9 pcs. high filling, 2 pcs high filling from the same base, continue with high filling up to 52 and repeat the extension for raglan sleeve. Finally, we leave 10 pieces of high filling.

row 4- row 19 high filling with one cloak, increasing the stitches of the sleeve extension to 62 stitches on each row at the moment of separation of the sleeves from the main part.

So far, about half of the first color of the Muffin has been used. Separate the rest of this color into two balls and set it aside.

row 20 - start from the beginning with the second color section and knit in a straight line with high filling, leaving 62 stitches free for the sleeves. We knit together the two fronts and the back in a straight line.

row 21 to the end of the knitting knit handles rows of high filling, as from each subsequent color section knit only 5 to 7 rows and from each color are left in equal amounts to continue the sleeves and hood. At this stage, the halves of each color area are used.

Set aside the last color of the bobbin to form a bead all over the vest.

It's time to move on. Here it is important to observe the color sequence of the preserved remains. Knit 6-7 rows of each color in the same sequence as the body, the same for both sleeves and the amount of all colors will remain. The width of the sleeve is gradually reduced after the middle by two loops of high filling, completed in one.

For the hood we knit 62 stitches of high filling on the bead and knit several rows of all the remains, arranged in the correct sequence up to 20 rows.
With the last color from the Muffin, knit 3 rows for the end of the sleeves and 4-5 rows at the bottom of the garment and sew the hood. Finally, stitches are gathered around the entire circumference of the fronts, including the hood, and 4 rows of high filling are knitted with one cloak.
From the remaining threads a belt of 6 stitches of high filling and sufficient length for tying is knitted and a small removable bag - a pocket in which the color development of the Muffin is repeated.
Although only from one number of Muffin Crazy, this vest is big enough / size M - L /.


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