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Knitted extension for masks

date: 30/10/2020

Masks are now an integral part of our daily lives, but wearing them all day becomes quite painful for the ears.

That's why we now show you how to quickly and easily remove the discomfort yourself - a hook mask extender

Used materials:
Stenli Denim Yarn
Hook 3

Knit a basic chain of 26 chain stitches.

1st round: 7 stitches low filling (without pattern), then make 12 air chains stitches, respectively skip 12 stitches from the main chain and on 13 stitches continue with low filling until the end. In the last stitch knit 2 more stitches, you have a total of 3 stitches .

2nd round: Knit a low filling in each stitch, in the corners two stitches low filling.

3rd round: in the same way, knitting two stitches in the corners.

Sew a button on both sides and you're done :)


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