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Medium sized macrame Plant Hanger

date: 15/11/2022

Medium sized macrame Plant Hanger


Plant hangers are fairly easy to do, making them ideal for both beginners and advanced alike. There’s simply a plethora of techniques, knots and shapes you can use, that you can allow your creativity to entirely wander off and create something interesting and unique.


In addition you can use pretty much any type of cord, rope or even yarn. For this purpose, we’ve specially created out macrame yarn, included but not limited to our 4mm Eco-Home cord, 5mm Stenli Cotton Cord, 3mm Macrame cotton and 6mm Stenli Cotton Twist.


When it comes to plant hangers, I always like to use a multi-ply cord that unravels at the end, so that if I want to create layers or a different design ( say add a macrame feather for example ), I can do so easily.


For this project you’ll need:


  1. / 1.1 You begin by attaching the wooden ring to your stand either with a small piece of leftover yarn or with an S-ring. I personally prefer attaching my project plant hangers directly to the stand, as near to it as possible to prevent too much movement when working on the project.

  2. You cut 12 equal strands of yarn each being between 2.5-3 meters long.


  3. You place all 12 strands through the loop of the wooden ring, making sure they’re even on both sides. You then make sure that all of them are nicely organized, with no knots or uneven strands.


  4. To begin this simple design, you take another 20 cm cord. I chose to take a different color, but you can also use white if you prefer.

  5. You place the cord as pictured in the photo. You’ll be using your left hand in the next step, therefore you should be able to hold the created loop with only your right hand.


  6. You take the ending of the cord with your left hand and wrap it around the 12 cords starting from the left side to the right.


  7. Your first wrap around should look like this.


  8. I wrapped it around 6 times but you can wrap it more or less.


  9. / 9.1 Take the end of the wrap you just created and put it through the loop you made in the 5th step.


  10. You then continue to put the upper cord. As you pull the cord, you’ll notice that the ending of your wrap that you just put through the loop in the previous step begins to go upwards and under the spiral wrap until it disappears.


  11. To hide the remaining cord on both ends, you will first cut the top.

  12. / 12.1 Then proceed to cut the bottom until both sides are tucked in the spiral wrap.


  13. You then divide the 12 strands into 6 parts of 4 strands each.

  14. /1/2/3/4 You proceed to make a square knot. If you don’t know how to do one or have forgotten, you can take a look at a video tutorial over here.

  15. You continue down the strand and make an additional 7, a total of 8 square knots.

  16. You take another 4 strand part and repeat step 15, making 8 total square knots.


  17. In the end, you should have 6 4-strand parts with 8 square knots each as pictured in the photo.


  18. You then take one 4-strand part, about 30 cm under the last square knot.

  19. /19.1You begin by making a spiral knot. Once again, you can take a look at a tutorial on how to make the knot here.


  20. You make a total of 8 spiral knots.


  21. Take one of the beads and place it in between cord 2 and 3.

  22. Then continue onto making another 8 spiral knots.

  23. / 23.1 Repeat steps 19 to 22 until all your parts have spiral knots and beads on them.


  24. 20 or so centimeters after your last spiral knot, you’ll make one square knot.

  25. Continue onto making 5 additional square knots on all the 4-strand cords.


  26. /1/2 Take two square knots, one in each hand. Take strand three and four from the first square knot, and strand one and two from the second square knot. Make a square knot from these strands about 8-10 cm below the upper square knots.

  27. Continue repeating step 26 all the way round.


  28. Take all the strands in your right hand, about 10 cm below the last made square knots.


  29. Take a piece of unused yarn or cord and tie a double or triple knot.


  30. Cut the remainder of the strands to your desired length.

  31. And voila, you have your very own plant hanger. P.S they make great Christmas presents




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