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Christmas Wreath

date: 02/11/2022

Christmas Wreath


The biggest celebration of the year is approaching and what better way to prepare for It than to make some beautiful handmade easy decorations, that can be used either for yourself, or as gifts to your loved ones and friends.


This tutorial for a Merino Christmas wreath is extremely easy to follow, as it includes a repetition of only one main fragment, therefore is very suitable for the absolute beginner.


You can use any chunky yarn you wish for this project, however you will never get the chic boho results that merino wool gives you so I entirely recommend using Stenli Merino Yarn. As this wool is unspun, it’s worth mentioning that breakage may occur. In places where you need to pull or fix something on your project, you need to do so, but carefully.


For this tutorial you will need:


  • Around 15-20 meters of Stenli Merino Yarn

  • A wreath base ( you can either make it, it could be a cardboard cutout or, you can visit your local craft store and purchase an already made wooden Christmas wreath as I did)

  • A bow should you wish to add a little bit more of a Christmas spirit to your project

Your hands! (yes, we will be using our hands as a crochet hook)


  1. Firstly, we’ll take the merino ball and unravel it making sure that no knots are made during the process. It’s much easier to work the yarn this way, and you won’t have to constantly pull to let yarn go from the ball.


  1. You begin by making a slip knot. You place the wool on a flat surface and create a shape as seen on the photo

  1. You take the working yarn ( the one on the left side ) and flip it over to the other side, as you can see in the photo.

  1. You take the strand on the left side and pull it through the loop created until a knot appears.. Make sure you have a bit of an end left to tie off the project once completed.

  1. The loop shouldn’t be as big as your whole hand to fit in it, but more like a few fingers big. Of course, if you’re using extra chunky merino wool, you might want to make the hole a little bit bigger.


  1. Place your hand inside the loop that was previously created. The working yarn should be on top of the wreath. Continue threading your hand and the working yarn under the wreath as you can see done in the photo.


  1. With your hand that’s in the loop under the wreath, pull a portion of it under the wreath.


  1. You should have created two loops and should be holding both with your right hand.


  1. Pull both loops to the outer side of the wreath.



  1. Take some more yarn from your working yarn, and pull it though both loops. You have now created the first part of the wreath.

  1. Repeat steps 4 to 10 in order to create the chain. all around the wreath.


  1. Every now and then, stop what you’re doing and make sure that the braid is forming evenly. It will be quite difficult to fix it later so if you notice something uneven, it’s best to go back and redo it.


  1. When you get near the beginning of the wreath, gently pull all the braids created, backwards, to ensure that there aren’t any big gaps somewhere in between them.



  1. Put two fingers in the chain of your last braid as in the photo and pull the remainder of the yarn ( after you have cut it ) through it.



  1. For this step you will be working through the first braid in order to connect the first and last one. Take the end of the yarn from the last braid, and thread it through both loops of the first braid ( the V-shaped loop ). Then thread it back into the V of the last braid.


  1. Turn the wreath on its other side Make a knot with the two strands of yarn.


  1. Tuck the strands in the loops created so they stay hidden.


  1. Repeat the previous step on the other side.


  1. Turn your wreath once again on its other side and locate the first chain/braid. It’s probably made a bit tighter like mine.


  1. You can put any decoration you’d like in order to hide the first chain. I chose a bow to make the wreath a little bit more Christmasy


  1. Follow the same technique and make your friends and family some beautiful celebratory decorations.


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