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date: 06/08/2019

Tatting is unique knitting technique, very rare and little known in Bulgaria, but extremely fine and beautiful. It is currently one of the hottest trends in the handicraft, and this is due to the fact that everything is done by hand with a small shuttle that makes knots. The knot is a delicate exercise that requires accuracy and consistency. Each master works very individually and in fact the possibility to make two absolutely identical motives decreases to zero. The word Tatting comes to us from France and translates as "light" ("empty") because the lace structure has many holes and "eyes". But where the actual technique comes from, is not known for sure. It is very likely that this lace was invented by different nations, as the ability to tie a knot was developed in ancient times. This lace is a subject of widespread folk art. With it were made cuffs, collars, aprons, napkins. Tatting is particularly fashionable in the 17th century. Knitting threads are many, with different texture and thickness. Fine silk, gold and silver threads are used for fine coatings. Bags, gloves, umbrellas, cloaks and other accessories are the main attributes with which a lady has been represented in society.
In order to make a lace using the technique, a minimum of tools (shuttle, needle, hook, thread) and maximum patience is required, so every beginner has to choose a shuttle to work with. As for the threads, they can be very different, but it is important to know that the thinner the yarn is, the more delicate and sheer the lace is. Using only a shuttle, arc knots, rings and other objects, you can create incredibly beautiful and unique models.

And if in the past were fashionable cuffs, collars and hats, now is the fashion of jewelry with different elements made of leather, stone, metal and other materials. Earrings, bracelets, necklaces, decorated with stones and beads are suitable for women of all ages, look very original and add a touch of luxury even to casual clothing.



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