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Art creations for home comfort

date: 06/08/2019

The comfort of the house depends entirely on the woman. She's the one creating a unique atmosphere of comfort, warmth and love. And if she is skillful, you'll find unique and original things in the house created by her hands. We suggest you learn how to make your own bathroom or toilet rug, or simply a mat for the coffee table. Handcrafted from appropriate threads, soft and warm, they will undeniably be embellishment for any room. The knit carpet in the form of a fun little animal will please your children. And if you want to refresh your furniture, you  can make interesting  cases for your own chairs and stools.

Pompon  carpet
Besides being practical, the pompon carpet will raise your mood and caress your eye with its beauty. Such a project is extremely  suitable for children's nursery, even for kindergartens.
Pompon carpets are good because they can be of different sizes, shapes and colors. Pompons are made with yarn or fabric, and if you decide to use yarn, choose acrylic like Stenli Classic acrylic, Bonbon Classic, Elite. In any case, the pompon carpet will be not only beautiful but also unique!

To make such a carpet, you should first think about the base to which the pompons will be attached. Then choose a yarn or other fabric that you will use for the pompons themselves. Although making the rug is easy, make yourself free for several evenings because it’s a time consuming task. Your base (whatever you choose) must be doubled to cover all the remaining threads and knots of the projects. The base may be a canvas, an old knit, a hard cloth, or even a net used in construction. The shape of the base is also a matter of preference and imagination - animal motifs fit perfectly into the children's room, and the small carpets nicely complement the interiors of the adult rooms.

Shaggy carpet
For lovers of tapestries and those who prefer a more detailed drawing of their carpets, we recommend making a carpet with a latch hook.
For making this carpet, besides mesh, you will need a big set of threads of equal length in different colors. You must also choose a hook that will make it convenient for you to work because this project is time consuming.

Bulky carpet
Recently, all modern knitwear, from clothes, accessories, to home decor, is bulky and oversized. Making such a carpet is relatively quick and motivating, because you see minute to minute the birth of your creation. A suitable yarn for this option is Marshmelow or Macaroni.

Mandala carpet 
For this type of carpet the artistry of a patient grandmother is necessary, that so skillfully make fine tablecloths. As you can see, in addition to the variety of knitting patterns and models, the key is the overflow of colors. That is exactly why we have made Makrame Kilim yarn, in which the colors are beautifully complemented, and your product will not have knots due to the change of different colors. And for smaller projects, we have prepared the Makrame cake.
Whatever carpet you choose to make you will be happy with the final result for sure. Your children as well will be happy if you have made a favorite character or scene for them.


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