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Pantone color of the year 2022

date: 10/12/2021

For the first time in Pantone's 22-year color history, the Pantone Institute has created a brand new color made only for 2022: PANTONE® 17-3938 Very Peri is a dynamic blue with a bright, purple-red undertone designed to mimic the touch screens of the digital world and the creative possibilities of the future.

According to the institute, the creation of a new color for 2022 is in itself symbolic of the changes that are happening in the world today, after an intense period of isolation and uncertainty. Like last year's selection of two colors, Ultimate Gray and Sunny Yellow Illuminating, the choice of Very Peri was largely influenced by the desire to overcome the pandemic of COVID-19, environmental concerns and greater reliance on injustice and shortcomings in our current social structures.

To capture these influences, the institute blended blue (a color associated with fidelity and perseverance) with a hint of red (which often conveys energy and excitement) for an unexpectedly warm blue hue that communicates innovation and a new beginning.

The concept of novelty also speaks to the growing influence of the virtual world, with the advent of Metaverse, entertainment trends such as VR games and e-sports and the growing popularity of cryptocurrency and NFT. And since blue light is the element most often associated with technology and futurism in the visual culture of science fiction, not to mention our daily interactions with smartphones and computers, it's no surprise that Very Peri was chosen to represent time, when our real and online lives come together so closely.

Some yarns we offer in the Very Peri range:

Stenli Cotton Cake 304

Stenli Merino Baby, 440

Stenli Ajur 450

Stenli Tiramisu 85044



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