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Cake yarn - what is it?

date: 21/04/2020


Cake yarn - what is it? ?

Have you ever wondered what does "cake yarn" mean, the ones we offer in our Yarn Sweet Shop? Now its the time to find out.

  Cake yarn is the fashionable name for yarn in cylindrical or truncated conical shape:

  - in which there is a smooth or sharp and contrast transition of colors in large sections, thus forming concentric circles

  - which consists of one or several threads, loosely doubled, twisted, knitted or connected by another technology
  - contains enough yarn for making one whole piece  - shawl, blouse, dress, plaid, carpet, baby blanket, cover 

What are the benefits of a Cake yarn? 

- you get to knit your creative projects with a designer yarn at affordable price and with a sufficient amount of yarn for a whole product ( example 1 cake = 1 shawl).

- you get several pre-matched colors / 3, 5, or more / of yarn, which is more economical than buying individual balls in many colors.

- you can start knitting from the center, in which case the cake stays fixed, the yarn does not get entangled..

- you can see in advance the color arrangements, designed by professionals, with no risk of unpleasant surprises.

- by choosing to knit with a cake yarn, you embark on an adventure led only by colorful magic of the threads

- while knitting with a cake yarn, you have the chance to find your balance by using appropriate spiritual practices - meditation with knitting in the round, making traditional prayer shawls or just relaxing

- thanks to the attractive color ranges of Stenli cake yarns, you can provoke your own creativity, ingenuity and craftsmanship by using new designs, cuts and patterns

- ecological factor - knitting with no leftovers - a major advantage when we feel responsible for reducing excess waste and preserving nature

 -positive economic effect - reductions of surpluses and wastes from different batches at retail stores


What types of cakes are there?

- PARALLEL CAKES - smooth color shifts over long distances with one or more transitions between the main colors, composed of parallel thin threads / 2, 3, 4, 5 / where the change of colors and the length of the colored sections is with micronodes and is controlled manually.

Used with voluminous, soft and thin acrylic threads and wool blends, mohair, alpaca, merino, which are perfect together and form a smooth and soft knitting. Ideal for soft shawls and scarves, pullovers. But no ideal for beginner knitters, because the threads are not twisted. Example - Muffin, Muffin Fresh, Baby Muffin, Muffin Mini Lux, Panna Cotta  from the Stenli Sweet Shop. They are usually of great length / up to 2000 m /.

- CLASSIC TWISTED CAKES  - color shifts over long distances with well twisted multiple threads, pre-joined in a magnificent pallette. Suitable for cotton and its blends. Perfect for crocheting and fne knitting - summer shawls, blouses, dresses, laces. Example - Candy, Cotton Cake, Vegan Cake, Flowers. Very durable and exquisite products for master knitters. The length is about 1000m.

- FANCY CAKES - color transitions over long distances with multiple threads, connected and joined using a different technology then the classic twisting /onde, boucle, knitting, crochet, velvet, plush, eye lashes/
    - FANCY FINE CAKES   for knitting blouses, shawls, dresses - Souffle , Souffle Lux , Candy Opal

- FANCY FLUFFY CAKES - ideal for warm light shawls, covers, cardigans, blankets - Pudding and Mini PuddingGraffiti, Melba from the Stenli Sweet Shop
    - FANCY KNITTED CAKES - smoothly flowing or contrasting color transitions, knitted in a tight cord / macrame / Macrame Cake from the Stenli Sweet Shop - with increased strength and hardness, ideal for bags, backpacks, rugs and other home decorations 

- "IMPRESSIONISTS" CAKES - obtained from ordinary cakes by adding additional threads in order to enrich the qualities and thermal insulation properties of the yarns, where the pattern becomes extremely colorful, rich, as in the paintings of Impressionist artists - Tiramisu, Donut

- INDUSTRIAL CAKES / industrially painted / - can be multicolored without transitions / Angora cake, Cake WoolVelvet baby blanket / or monochromatic with smooth overflow / Angora gold ombre batik, Diva ombre batik, Puffy fine ombre batik. They are usually acrylic or blended yarns in which the main thread is thick enough for self-knitting. They are similar to the popular batik design. It is possible that the order of colors varies in different cakes or colors are repeated. They are often smaller in weight and length.
- " PSEUDO" CAKES  - plain monochromatic, variegated or programmed dyed yarns wound in the shape of a cake.
Whatever type of cake yarn you choose, the pleasure of knitting and the end result are guaranteed.
In addition, you will know that you have made a small contribution to the protection of our planet Earth.
The responsibility for the future of humanity is in the hands of each of us.
Choose to knit with a cake yarn to show your responsibility and you will receive a reward - pleasure and aesthetic delight.

Patterns for Cake yarns:

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