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date: 31/03/2021


The baby bag - this strange and at the same time extremely comfortable thing that plays the role of both a coat and legs and a blanket, with which you can not develop with anything. Something so necessary for babies who are constantly moving their feet and are too small to be able to take care of their own warmth in cold weather or to wrap up again at night.

I will tell you about the baby bag now. For what you want to braid, not to buy, because you prefer it to get out of your hands.
It's not hard, get to work - and for fun, of course.

The baby bag is necessary and useful not only in winter but also in summer, because the baby's body is quite fragile and not adapted to external conditions, so it must be warmed.

If you are knitting a summer bag, you can choose cotton or synthetic yarn. The use of such yarn is more practical because it can be very easily washed and maintained. The technique is not difficult at all. The main thing here is to learn and master making stitches - if you still do not know how. You can knit with two needles, as you will see here, or maybe on a hook - the description is below.

You do not need to make very complicated patterns here - so it is certain that you will succeed, no matter how advanced you are in knitting. This envelope is knitted as a long rectangular piece. For a lightweight envelope you need 100% merino yarn or cotton in combination with acrylic - about 8 skeins of 50 g. Knitting needles should be 4 - 4.5 mm.

Start by making a pattern consisting of a front with a lapel, back and hood. It should be 34 cm by 116 cm, with the front and back 40 cm long and the rest of the length for the hood. Once you have the template, it will be easy for you to calculate the necessary cycles and rows. Given the pattern you have chosen, you need to prepare a sample, with the number of stitches a multiple of the size of the pattern plus 2 cm for the edges. Smooth the finished sample and measure it to determine the proportion of the stitches collected to the width of the sample and the connected rows to its length. So you can calculate how many stitches and how many rows you need to make to make your bag.

Which model to choose? It can be a very simple knit, or it can be something like that, but the moment is special - writing your baby or a friend's baby. The "braids" are a beautiful suitable model. Their number may be different, but it is best to have 3 - on the edges of the bag and in the middle. It is good to start knitting on the side of the hood, and finally tie a ten-centimeter piece to turn it like a lapel. The other option is to knit the main piece of the bag, and then attach the front part - the lapel. To complete the knitting, make the hood - fold both ends and connect them at the front. Knit the lapel like an elastic band and turn it forward. The bag is ready!


You can crochet a beautiful baby bag, of course. You can also knit a bag with sleeves, which is also practical. With it, each element is knitted separately.

You need acrylic yarn of medium thickness, about 150 g. Here you do not need to make a sample to calculate the stitches. You will knit everything according to a pre-made pattern in life size.

To begin, dial a chain of air loops with a row length equal to the lower edge of the back. Continue knitting and add or decrease stitches where necessary.

The model of the bag has a zipper, so in the front you need to determine the place for its sewing, so at this level the left and right halves will grip separately. The front and back are fastened together by means of shoulder seams. The sleeves follow. Knit one row along the edge of the curve to make the base of the sleeve. Then continue knitting, moving to the cuff and gradually reduce the number of stitches. When you are done with both sleeves, you need to sew them on the sides, as well as the bottom edge of the bag. Sew the hood, if you knit it separately, and you can knit it directly as part of the whole bag. Put the zipper on the place designated for it.

The lining follows. It can be made of light material - cotton or linen, and the piece should be cut according to the existing pattern and sewn. Choose a color that matches the color of the yarn. You can also decorate the finished bag - put pompoms on the hood, apply on the front, others. Use lining also in the above model.

We wish comfort and warmth to your baby!


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