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Top 10 Beanie Yarns

date: 16/11/2022

It's already permanently cold and it's time for warm hats.
I always choose a bulky yarn with a natural wool content. My selection also depends on the knitting technique of the model - on one or two hooks.

For children, it should be a soft, strong and not too thick yarn.
For ladies, the choice is huge - smooth, fluffy, mohair, sports or romantic yarns.
For men, I prefer strong, moderately soft and not too bulky yarns.

10. Stenli Etno - ideal for lovers of natural wool, pleasantly rough to the touch, but creates the warmest feeling for the big colds. You can wander on the snowy paths in the mountains.

9. YarnArt Merino Bulku - Voluminous, with a little wool. A good choice for urban environments. Easy to knit.

8.Stenli Mini Pudding- Fluffy, voluminous and easy to knit with single and double needles. One Mini Pudding makes 2 hats or a hat and a snood. It feels like wool, but it's soft and very warm.

7.Stenli Merino Tweed - Colorful splashes of recycled silk for strength and fashionable beauty, but stable loops and durable structure for wear. Very good for men, kids and ladies. Can be crocheted or knitted.

6.Nako Sport Wool- dense multifilament yarn, really sporty look of the models from this yarn.

5. Stenli Merino Gold - a perfect combination of softness, warmth, density and a smooth anti-pilling surface. A variety of fashionable colors for crochet and knitting. Really excellent quality.

4. Stenli Loto- stable voluminous yarn, easy to knit. Wonderful hats on one and two hooks, warm and durable.​

3. Papatya Easy Knit - Very light and pleasant to knit and wear. Fashionable colors and excellent appearance of the products.

2.Stenli Arya - most voluminous, warm, soft and airy yarn for ladies and girls. Good feeling of wool, no stinging.

1.Stenli Lana - my favorite 100% merino wool yarn! Soft, with ideal thickness and a therapeutic feeling on the skin.
The most insulating and warming material for winter. Knitting with single and double needles is a pleasure.

I am sure that whichever yarn you choose, with skill and good thoughts, you will bring joy and comfort to a loved one.


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