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Winter hat with Rock N Roll

date: 10/09/2020

How to knit winter hat with yarn Gazzal Rock'n'Roll,

size 50 cm 1 ball, 56-58 cm 1.5 ball.

Circular needles 3.5 mm.
Sample: 10 * 10cm 16 stitches and 29 rows.

Cast on by size: 50 cm - 80 sts., 52 cm. - 84 sts., 54 cm. - 88 sts., 56-58 cm. - 92 sts.

Important: the number of stitches is a multiple of 4. For a size of 50 cm cast on 80 sts, close them in a circle and knit elastic band 1 * 1 with elongated stitches:

1st row: 1 knit, 1 purl - until the end of the row.
2nd row: the first stitch (front) is taken without knitting, as the working thread is at the back, 1 purl stitch -  until the end of the round.
Repeat row 1.2 3 more times - only 8 rounds of elastic rib. Then we move on to the formation of the model. To do this, in addition to the marker at the beginning of the round, place a marker after the 40th stitch - this way we mark the middle of the back and front of the hat (each part of 40 stitches). We will form diagonal stripes from the knit stitches of the elastic rib , ie. the knit stitches on both sides of each marker are the central diagonals, then to the left and right of each central diagonal we place a marker on every fourth stitch (4 diagonals in each direction from the central markers - a total of 16 diagonals).
9th row - knit stitches with markers are taken without knitting, the remaining stitches are knitted.
10th row - the extended (not knitted) stitches on the central diagonals (2 back and 2 front) are crossed and then we start knitting the body of the hat by forming diagonals, moving the extended stitches left and right (with overlapping to the left, place the extended stitch on auxiliary needle in FRONT of the knitting, take the knit stitch with the working needle, return the extended stitch to the left needle and the knit stitch from the right needle, knit the stitch and take the extended stitch without knitting it; with overlapping to the right, place the knit stitch auxiliary needle to the BACK of the hat, take the extended stitch, return the knit stitch back and knit it) and then knit all the stitches of the product in a spiral with the knit stitches in the same way - crossing right and left on the planned diagonals. Each odd row - we leave the stitches on the diagonals not knitted (extended), every even row we knit them like the other knit stitches, crossing the stitches left / right. When the diagonals begin to connect on the side of the hat, we cross the stitches together again, as if stacking on top of each other and closing the diagonals.


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