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Ajur hank
Ажур Таня Иванова  Ажур Таня Иванова  Ажур Таня Иванова  Ажур Таня Иванова  Ажур Таня Иванова  Ажур Ajur hank Ажур Ажур Ажур Ажур Ajur hank - black Ajur hank - champagne Ajur hank - old gold Ajur hank - bordeaux Ajur hank - antique bronze Ajur hank - white Ajur hank - red Ajur hank - royal blue Ajur hank - gold Ajur hank - pea green Ajur hank - red Ajur hank - dark beige Ajur hank - pink Ajur hank - light orange Ajur hank - denim Ajur hank - blue Ajur hank - dark brown Ajur hank - purple Ajur hank - grey Ajur hank - light rose dust Ajur hank - grass green Ajur hank - orange Ajur hank - reseda Ajur hank - very light grey Ajur hank - dark ochre Ajur hank - blue Ajur hank - light blue Ajur hank - dark green Ajur hank - blure-grey Ajur hank - dark olive Ajur hank - medium blue Ajur hank - dark blue Ajur hank - light purple Ajur hank - dark pea green Ajur hank - bright green Ajur hank - light peach Ajur hank - light green Ajur hank - magenta Ajur hank - yellow Ajur - brass Ажур-197 Ajur - pink,light purple Ajur - yellow-orange Ajur - light summer melange

Ajur hank

€ 1.75
100% Viscose

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Product Description

Ajur hank - thin, well twisted 100% viscose rayon, has a great shine and is suitable for crochet, viscose is one of the oldest fibers found in the 19th century, this is the most "natural" of all man-made yarn. It was able to unite properties that are difficult to combine due to its composition. Viscose is produced from cellulose, which by essence is a natural product.

The pros are: good air permeability, does not absorb moisture, it does not electrify, it has a nice shine and is pleasant to the touch  Ideal for people with sensitive skin.



Composition: 100% Viscose
Packing: hank 500 m / 0,100 кг Package 0.500 kg (5 x 0.100 kg) 



For best results follow the recommendations knit, ironing, drying and storage of knitting 



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